Military Training Facilities

Military Training Facilities



Physical Training (PT) always play a vital part in military training for which it gets topmost preference in our Army. Bangladesh Military Academy is a place where the basics of PT are taught to the officer cadets. Modern PT system is very scientific and methodical which makes an officer cadet mentally and physically robust to accept all other training in this academy. At present BMA has four PT grounds, two Bellman Hangers, three Swimming Pools, two Assault Course grounds and two well-equipped Gymnasiums to train the cadets. Besides, to conduct helicopter rappelling, there are two rappelling towers and for instilling confidence building exercise. For games and sports, there are four football grounds, two handball grounds, seven basketball grounds, eight volleyball grounds, two tennis courts and one squash complex at this academy. All these available facilities play an important role in preparing and nurturing the physical and mental health of the cadets.


The weapon training is one of the important military events for the officer cadets and trainee officers of BMA. It is designed to form the basics on weapon training for the cadets. During training, cadets learn to fire with small arms (Pistol, Rifle, SMG, LMG, GF), Grenade and Rocket Launchers. To improve individual standard in firing all the facilities like firing range, simulator and battle inoculation range are available in BMA. All elements of weapon training platoon always try to serve with their best efforts for the benefit of cadets.


Firing Simulation was established in the year 2009. To increase the firing efficiency of the officer cadets, simulator training was introduced. Simulator Training Range has multiple equipment sets so that a good number of officer cadets can practice simulation firing at a time. Newly joined officer cadets start firing live ammo in the firing range after they are qualified in simulation firing. Apart from this, all the firers continue simulator practice until they attain the desired standard.


Battle Inoculation (BI) Range is designed to draw the following lessons:

  • Perception of the actual battle scenario.
  • Overcoming battle shyness.
  • Negotiating various obstacles in the face of depicted enemy fire.
  • Learning the technique of engaging enemy with hand held grenade.

The exercise encompasses the following activities:

  • Preparation of the BI range
  • Weapon Firing
  • Grenade Throwing
  • Negotiation of Obstacle
  • Simulation of Battle Field Environment
  •  Administrative Arrangement


BMA is having a couple of assault course grounds. Assault course ground-2 was established on 18 Feb 2015. This ground was established due to the increase number of cadets. Cadets with battle dress and equipment undergo this training on few items to match the required physical efficiency in war.


As a part of cadets’ physical training, the swimming pool was established in the year 1984. With the increased number of cadets, another two swimming pools were established in the year 2013 in the same compound to facilitate cadets’ practice in swimming.


Rappelling tower was established in the year 1989. This training accelerates the cadets’ physical efficiency. This tower was further developed in the year 2014.


Confidence Tower was established in the year 2010. This training was introduced in BMA to increase the cadets’ confidence and courage during battle.