Department of Civil Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering



Department of Civil Engineering under Faculty of Engineering, Bangladesh Military Academy, started its journey in January 2015 with 60 (sixty) officer cadets and 6 (six) faculty members. Since then every year a good number of officer cadets are being graduated from this department. The collaboration between the enriched Faculty members and officer cadets is continuously improving the academic as well as profession excellence of this department. This department designs its curriculum in such a way to develop skilled engineer so as to take the new challenges not only in Bangladesh but all-around the world. At present, this department is organizing course work for consecutive 6 (six) batches of officer cadets. The curriculum is developed based on Outcome Based Education (OBE) to meet the requirement of international accreditation. This new paradigm shift educates the officer cadet to perform in their professional field to the best of their capability. In future, the department plans to extend its research capabilities along with professional support to national and international arena.