Military Training Competitions

Military Training Competitions



The drill competition is organized to analyze the overall standard of basic drill of the first term cadets. They appear at this competition after finishing their 15 weeks of the training in BMA. In the battlefield, the outcome largely depends on drill. Drill also ensures the bearing, turn out and smartness of people in uniform. It sets the standard of the execution of any duty both individual and the unit and it also insists on the sense of confidence between commander and his subordinates.


To be a good firer is one of the basic requirements of every military leader. Firing competition is arranged to grow interest among the cadets to improve the firing standard. Only the selected cadets join the competition which aims at achieving the skill of ‘Shoot to Kill’ and ‘One Bullet, One Enemy’. It is organized in both winter term and summer term of each year.


Assault Course competition develops stamina, endurance, skill technique and team spirit among the cadets. This competition is held both in summer and Winter Term and is followed by a prize distribution ceremony like other competitions. It enables the cadets to face hardship and helps them adjust with battlefield scenario.


These two competitions are held for the Officer Cadets and Officer Cadets (Female) respectively. Cadets of third term participate in the competition. These events are arranged to develop the basic skills of Boxing and karate with a view to infusing courage, stamina and endurance among the officer cadets both male and female of third term.


Inter-Company Swimming Competition takes place once in a year during Winter Term in BMA swimming pool. BMA has a number of wonderful swimming pools with all sorts of modern facilities. Cadets practice swimming regularly in this pools. The swimming competition is arranged to judge the swimming standard of the cadets.


The Cross-country Competition is held twice in a year. Through this event cadets’ physical and mental stamina, endurance and competitive spirit are tested. All the cadets other than those of first term participate in this competition.


The basketball competition is organized every year in the Summer Term. It is held to foster interest in games and sports and to develop sportsmanship and competitive spirit amongst the cadets. It is an event where cadets of all terms participate.


Football is a very popular game all over the world. Cadets normally play football during their games period. The Football Competition is held in winter term each year keeping the same aim in view like other competitions. Cadets from all terms are eligible to join here. Awards are given to the cadets as of other competitions.


Inter Company Volleyball competition is organized only in winter term with the aim of developing sportsmanship quality and competitive spirit among the cadets of all terms. This competition is also followed by a prize distribution ceremony. Cadets from all terms participate in this event.


The Handball Competition is held in winter term each year to develop sportsmanship quality and competitive spirit. Officer cadets (Female) from all terms are eligible to join here. Awards are given to the cadets as of other competitions.


Debate Competition takes place in each Term for the officer cadets of Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Final Term cadets of the four companies, namely Jahangir, Rouf, Hamid and Mustafa Company. The Summer Term is dedicated for the Bangla Debate Competition and the Winter Term is dedicated for the English Debate Competition. Debate has got a cutting-edge to assess the academic performance of the cadets. It gives a reflection of their achievement and excellence of the academic objectives.


The academy arranges a good number of co-curricular activities for the overall grooming and mental development of the officer cadets. As a part of that, Inter Company Brain Trust Competition is held here once in every year with the active participation of the officer cadets of different terms and courses. The competition is held to inculcate amongst the officer cadets a spirit of a healthy competition, team effort and ability to keep pace with the latest updates in various fields of knowledge. The academic wing of the academy conducts this colourful and attractive event, gouping the cadets under four companies. The participants of the competition are selected from the preliminary round where all the cadets except those of the first term take part. The final round of the competition is conducted in different four phases namely, Open Buzzer Round, Own Choice Round, Rapid Fire Round and Multiple Choice Round. The event turns colourful and joyous with the vibrant participation of the officer cadets.


Art and Crafts Competition is held at the end of each term. In each course, there are some cadets who have the potentialities and hidden talents of good artists. To inspire those talented cadets, BMA arranges the Arts and Crafts Competition in each term. Guests are invited to enjoy the paintings, crafts and sketches of the cadets. Cadets are given awards in different categories.