Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Department of Computer Science & Engineering



Department of Computer Science and Engineering falls under the Faculty of Engineering is one of the versatile and dynamic departments of Bangladesh Military Academy. The department offers the bachelor's programmes in Computer Science and Engineering. Founded in 2015, the Department of Computer Science has introduced the engineering programme to the cadets.

The programme provides students with a strong theoretical and conceptual understanding of the principles underlying computer software and hardware along with the engineering analysis, design, and multidisciplinary teamwork skills needed to develop large and complex systems containing both software and hardware components.

The modern laboratory facilities, excellent academic environment and hardworking faculties nourish every cadet to be a critical thinker, problem solver and system designer of the field. 



Currently, department of CSE is equipped with five engineering laboratories. The names of the laboratories are as follows:

  1. a. Software Engineering Lab -1
  2. b. Software Engineering Lab -2
  3. c. Digital Logic Design Lab
  4. d. Network Lab
  5. e. Microprocessor and Micro-controller Lab