Club Activities

Club Activities



As a riverine country, rowing is a very popular form of sport in Bangladesh. Through this club cadets experience the ecstasy of rowing in the natural Lake of Bhatiary. This helps improve their physical strength and mental well-being.


Through this club cadets are taught the unarmed fighting skill under trained instructors. This teaching of personal defense mechanism develops cadets’ physical strength and mental courage which is essential for face to face fighting exposure against the enemy.


The aim of the Cultural Club is to ensure some sorts of recreational facilities for the ultimate goal of promoting a socio-cultural feeling among the members. The club offers the cadets exploring their talents in fields of cultural activities. It is a unique opportunity where they can learn and practice drama, song, dance, recitation, magic, playing instrument etc. On the Graduation Ceremony, at the end of each term, a cultural programme is organized in honour of passing out cadets.


The aim of this club is to find out those cadets who all are having hidden talents and this is a nice opportunity where they can expose their talents through different paintings and drawings. In each term, a competition is arranged among the cadets by whom they can develop their artistic sense in the field of Arts and Crafts despite their busy schedule. It is one of the glorious opportunities for the cadets where they can flourish their talent and ingenuity on Arts and Crafts.


This club provides the cadets with a unique experience of learning Archery. Though the modern war technique doesn’t demand such skills; but as a sport it is still appealing to the cadets. Through this sport the cadets can develop keen concentration, strength and impeccable body posture.


Cadets can develop a well-maintained physique besides their regular training by joining this club. Cadets enjoy the access to the well-equipped Gymnasium and carryout exercises under experienced trainers.


Hiking club gives the cadets opportunity to explore the nearby hilly areas. Cadets get a scope to develop their endurance and bring about their exploratory talent. At the same time, this air of recreation help them ventilate their pent-up pressure developed from the continuous and strenuous training at BMA.


To give the cadets basic knowledge of horse riding, this club was established. BMA has horses from Indian origin. By joining this club they can share a rare experience.


Usually, the members of Frogman Club join Frogman Course. To meet this thrilling event, members of this club must have both physical and mental endurance. The frogman course is conducted under the direct supervision of Bangladesh Navy. Cadets and officers are awarded with an insignia after successful completion of the course.


In the Para Club cadets are trained about para jumping. It is an event which demands a lot of strength, mental determination, courage and physical stamina as well. When a cadet successfully completes the para course, he is entailed to wear para insignia. The para course is conducted in School of Infantry and Tactics, Sylhet.


At present computer literacy is a basic need to meet the digital world around. In BMA, the Computer Club is established to educate the cadets on computer and make them able to handle a computer confidently. This club helps its members understand various aspects of the versatile uses of computer including its different types of operations. Moreover, internet facility is available in the club to make the cadets up-to-date with the modern world.