Various Facilities

Various Facilities



Out Patient Clinic (OPC) Bhatiary, raised on 01 March 1984, is a well- established clinic inside the Bangladesh Military Academy. It provides health care support mainly to the officer cadets during their course of training as well as to other affiliated military and civil personnel. Being headed by an officer commanding, the health care is based on emergency management and evacuation with the facilities of heat stroke room, minor operation theater, dressing, medicine store, Staff Surgeon room, MI room, indoor and outdoor treatment facilities. It has 24 bed capacities distributed to male and female wards. OPC Bhatiary provides health care with emergency ambulatory service (including an ICU ambulance) for collecting the patients and refers them to the nearest tertiary level hospital, Chattogram CMH if required. Some essential investigations facilities including X-rays, ECG, Pathological tests are also available here. A well setup Military Dental Centre (MDC) provides treatment to the dental and maxillofacial patients here under the command of OC MDC. An organized Children and Women Center (CWC) is running under the guidance of a civil medical officer providing family planning counseling and initial medical support to pregnant ladies as well as child healthcare. Besides the curative care, OPC is also responsible for comprehensive health care services by providing standard vaccination as per EPI schedule as a part of preventive health care.


The officer cadets are catered with a well-furnished Cafeteria at the ground floor of Bangabandhu Complex. Every day including weekend, BMA Cafeteria remains open for the officer cadets and trainee officers. This service is also extended to the officers and staff of Bangladesh Military Academy. Officer cadets and trainee officers avail a unique opportunity to enjoy food during academic break. They can also carry food at the dormitory through their staff. Varity of foods are available in the Cafeteria which includes snacks, sweets, bakery items, beverages, ice creams, etc.


BMA has a rich Tuckshop where officer cadets get their all essential items including stationary, cosmetics, clothing and daily used items with comparatively less price than that of the market price. The Photocopy Center attached with the Tuckshop is easily accessible for photocopying.


Gymnasium of BMA was established in 2014. Gymnasium training is being conducted in the afternoon and in the evening. It is established with multiple kinds of scientific exercise-based equipment which are essential physical development of the officer cadets. At BMA, there are 02 gymnasium available for the officer cadets with similar kinds of equipment and training facilities. Presently, BMA is capable of providing training to 150-180 officer cadets in 02 Gymnasiums at a time.


The academy provides ample of opportunities to enjoy the internet facilities to the cadets and all other members. To spell out more specifically, the cadets are provided with internet facilities in all their classrooms. They have internet access at the central library connected with 10 computers. At the 1200 cadets’ dormitory, they are provided with these facilities through 40 computers. In the miscellaneous building, the female cadets are also provided with 10 computer connections for their uses. At the basement 1 of Bangabandhu Complex, a total of 10 computers are connected for the uses of the foreign cadets and the cadets of all other short courses. All the officers of the academy are also connected at their offices and houses with internet facilities. The JCOs, NCOs and all other staff are also enjoying the facilities at their houses.


Laundry facilities are also available for all. There are 06 laundry outlets situated inside BMA from where washing and laundry facilities are being provided to all officer cadets and others.


For all members of this institution BMA has its own Barber facilities. There are total 06 (six) Barber outlets located at different places inside BMA which remain open for all 07 days in a week. Officer cadets and trainee officers get their hair cut from there complying with prescribed times and schedules.


To provide smooth banking services to the members of all ranks, 2 branches of two different banks namely, The Sonali Bank and The Trust Bank Limited are established inside BMA premises. Apart from that there are 03 ATM booths of Trust Bank located at different places inside BMA.


The academy holds the pride of possessing a beautiful and palatial auditorium. Different ceremonial or cultural programmes are arranged here on various occasions. The officer cadets enjoy the Weekly Movie Shows at every week-end. Besides, various competitions like Bengali and English Debate competitions, Brain Trust Competitions, Prize Distributions Ceremonies, central classes, Darbars of the Commandant and other senior officers or responsible appointment holders are held at this auditorium. The rank adorning ceremonies of the trainee officers are conducted here. Moreover, any kind of central gatherings are also arranged here on different occasions.


BMA central library was established in 1974 as a Class 1 military library. It is located inside the beautiful Bangabandhu Complex. This is a very rich library in regards to its collection and preservation of books, journals, magazines and periodicals. The library has recently introduced a corner namely ‘Bangabandhu Corner’ inside it complying with the instruction of the government with a view to preserving the memoirs of the father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. It has also established a ‘Liberation War Corner’ where different books on our great liberation war are preserved. It is a fully digitalized modern library with a very spacious area of 6912 square feet having the capability of accommodating 214 readers at the same time. The library has a rich collection of about 37000 books on different subjects and fields. It has also a collection of different types of national dailies, magazines, journals and periodicals published from home and abroad. Besides, the library being connected with internet facilitates its users for developing any research and reading to a great extent. Above all, its interior decoration has turned it as one of the finest outfits of its kind in Bangladesh.


Bangladesh Military Academy holds the pride of having a well-equipped language laboratory since the year 1990. The laboratory comprises of two units, each one having capacity of accommodating 48 learners. It has two different master consoles as well. In 2008, a transformation from analogue to digital system took place. The present sophisticated and modern language laboratory with all kinds of digital facilities came into being in this year. The aim of this laboratory is to help cadets improve their oral expressions, pronunciation and listening skill. To achieve this goal, the laboratory conducts different graded lessons for Long Course as well as the Short Course officer cadets and trainee officers. The lessons that are imparted here include, phonemes or symbols of phonetics and their corresponding sounds, accentuation and intonation, common mistakes in pronunciation, tongue twisters, listening comprehension, and situational conversation and most importantly the frequently mispronounced words in English. The laboratory has the facility to record the voice to assess the progress of learners’ performance. This software based computerized laboratory with all its incumbent facilities together expedite the learners to improve upon their linguistic skills to a great extent.