Military Training Activities

Military Training Activities



Drill is the most significant part of a soldier’s military training. He who is better in drill is considered to be better militarized. To portray the outlook of an ideal soldier and develop true sense of turn out and military bearing practical lessons are imparted to the cadets.


Physical Exercise Training aims at developing the robustness among cadets both physically and mentally so that he/she may sustain the extreme hardship in the battlefield. To ensure proper physical training for each cadet, a scientific Physical Exercise Training module has been prepared. Regular participation in those events under the able guidance of qualified instructors, cadets develop their physical robustness. Every cadet must attain high standard of physical endurance in course of exhaustive physical training.


Simultaneous military and academic training is being conducted to the cadets to train each cadet as a competent infantry platoon commander committed to professionalism and to educate each cadet as a knowledgeable university graduate with an inspiration to pursue higher studies.


Outdoor Exercises in the form of Model Discussion (MD), Demonstration, Tactical Exercise without Troops (TEWT) and Field Training Exercise (FTX) are conducted to impart required skills and practical lessons to the cadets on different types of military operations.


Map Reading develops navigational skill using map and compass to navigate from point to point in diverse and usually unfamiliar terrain. Our young leaders inculcate the ability to plot and execute their battle tactics consulting the map. That is why ‘Map Reading’ gets immense importance in cadets’ training in BMA. To develop their efficiency in this context, theoretical classes along with outdoor exercises are conducted so that the cadets may implement their theoretical knowledge in practical situation. Considering the importance of Map Reading, BMA has given a great emphasis to promote the efficiency of cadets in this subject.


Joint Services Training for the cadets of Bangladesh Army, Navy and Air Force started since 27 July 1983. The training is conducted for a duration of 10 weeks with the objectives of creating a lifetime cohesion and bonding among the tri-services cadets, and synchronized grooming up along with progressive development of sustainable character traits.