About BMA


Bangladesh Military Academy (BMA) started its glorious Journey in 1974 at Cumilla Cantonment with the motto "EVER HIGH IS MY HEAD".  The selection of BMA motto was prepared by Mrs Jobeda Khanam (Former Director of Shishu Academy). Later, BMA was shifted to its present location in the southeastern hilly area of the country named Bhatiary, Chattogram in 1976. The academy has achieved "National Standard" in 1979 as the testimony of its outstanding contribution for the motherland. The Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman envisioned the phenomenal upbringing of this academy. As per his aspiration, the academy is equipped with all sorts of international standard modern facilities for conducting military and academic training simultaneously. The academy proudly imparts training to officer cadets and trainee officers of Bangladesh Army, Navy and Air Force to be commissioned as officers. Besides, a good number of foreign cadets from different friendly countries are also being trained since 1977.


After the independence of Bangladesh, the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman envisioned the necessity to establish a military training institution to train and build up a professional, dedicated and patriotic army officers who will safeguard the sovereignty, integrity and freedom of our nation. To materialize his noble vision Bangladesh Military Academy (BMA) was established and inaugurated at Cumilla Cantonment in 1974. The academy commenced its journey with 1st BMA Short Course. Col Khondakar Nazmul Huda, BB, was appointed the first Commandant (ex officio) of the Academy. BMA was shifted to its present location at Bhatiary, Chattogram in January 1976. In 1979, Bangladesh Military Academy was awarded with the prestigious ‘National Standard’ as recognition of its significant contribution to the nation.   The training curricula of the officer cadets are designed following the framework of an Infantry Battalion to ensure a comprehensive and practical oriented military training. The Cadet Battalion of BMA is known as the First Bangladesh Battalion. It has total five companies. The companies are named after the five Bir Shresthos of our Liberation War. These are Jahangir Company, Rouf Company, Hamid Company, Mustafa Company and Nur Mohammad Company. To conduct the academic and military training in a befitting way, functioning of a smooth administration is a prerequisite. As such, under the Academy Headquarters, the whole academic administration is looked after by four major wings, namely Cadet Battalion, Training Wing, Academic Wing and Administrative Wing.

BMA offers military and academic training emphasizing on individual character building. The academy primarily trains men and women to be commissioned into the Bangladesh Army. In addition, the Academy conducts orientation courses for Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) officers, officer cadets of the Bangladesh Air Force and Navy, and Pre-Commission Training for professor/ teacher under-officers of Bangladesh National Cadet Corps (BNCC). Long Course cadets graduating from this Academy fall under the curriculum of Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP). The academy has the intention of fostering and inculcating those attributes in an Officer Cadet (OC) and Trainee Officer (TO) which will ensure continuous and progressive development as an officer in Bangladesh Army.

From January 2015, a paradigm shift in the training of officer cadets encompassing three cardinal training modules such as character, academic and military have been redefined. Presently, the officer cadets are undergoing three years military training coupled with four years Engineering and Honours curricula under Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) and BUP respectively. The academic disciplines in engineering programme are Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering and Electrical Electronic and Communication Engineering. The disciplines of Honours programme are Bachelor of Business Administration, Economics and International Relations. Such conceptual and qualitative transformations in academic dimension are the unprecedented phenomenal changes in the history of Bangladesh Army. Thereby, a wide avenue of both general and technological education has been unfolded for the young future leaders of Bangladesh Army. This will render the country to have a professional and time worthy Army to cope up with the changing scenario of the world.